Feb. 6th, 2012

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Oh y'all. Guess what I've got? TICKETS TO THE AVETT BROTHERS CONCERT NEXT MONTH!!!!! Is there ANYBODY on my flist who fangirls them, anybody at all? 'Cause it's lonely to be a fangirl all by myself. On LJ, I mean. In RL my daughter is a FANGIRL and she's the one who turned me on to them...we fight over who gets to jump Seth's bones (see icon).

They're a folk rock band from North Carolina (where my roots are, too) and they would've fit in perfectly at Woodstock. My idea of heaven would be to transport them and me there...my greatest regret in life is that I was too young for Woodstock!

I'm jumping around like they do (they obviously both have ADHD and I can't imagine what a handful they were as kids), but my excuse is that it's a beautiful spring day (in February, WTF???) and I'm unfed but caffeinated to the gills. The ceiling looks so pretty from up close! WHEEEEE!!!! How come nobody ever turned me on to this caffeine stuff before, huh?

How the hell do people text? I try, I swear I do. I see my kids and hubby texting away like they're on a computer keyboard, but I have long fingernails which I'm loathe to get rid of. Is there any hope for me? Because it's sad to think that I'm the only one in the world who's not texting and I don't wanna be sad on this happy, hyper day. So I'll just think about it tomorrow. Fiddle dee dee.

Um, I'm sure I've got more to say but instead I'm gonna run get an Avett Brothers video for you. Because I like to share the things I love with my friends! ♥

(sorry about the commercial. and you might have to nudge the red line to make it play; I did) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqZZlL0l5Uk

P.S. One more thing - that bitch youTube is working today!!! Obviously this is NOT a Monday; somebody up there made a mistake.


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