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I need another Avett Brothers fan on my flist SO BAD. Squeeing all alone is sad. Maybe this'll tempt you - they've been playing it in concert forever but are just now releasing it on their new album. Definitely needs to become a single. Down With the Shine

I've never seen Seth (the taller, younger brother) clean-shaven before and lordy, look at them dimples!!! No more scruff for you, bro. Also I prefer your hair down to or past your shoulders. I know you're growing it back out, so it should be about perfect when I see you in October. Scott, dude, I respect the hell out of you (writer, artist, mega-musician, Renaissance Man), but that beard makes you look like a hillbilly. Which I know you are, but you're a COOL hillbilly (like ME!) and the beard and the banjo make your credibility questionable to those who are not in-the-know. Would you like me to shave you before the 'Bama show? I'll bring my razor and be ever-so-gentle.

Speaking of 'shine (if you didn't guess what they were singing about; heh, this Tennessee gal got it the first time 'round), I went to see Lawless last night. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. Shia LaBeouf is coming into his own, and Tom Hardy can act with his eyes like nobody's business. Yeah, it's an outlaw movie, but it's really more of a brothers movie. It needs to have the Avett Bros. 'Shine as its theme song!


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