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So Grey's Anatomy's season premiere is tonight? I hadn't realized. And Last Resort premieres, too. I'm getting too far behind on my reaction posts. But Fridays are usually pretty free days for me, so maybe I could just make a once-a-week post of my (short) reactions to all the shows I watched that week? Hmm.

Giving cats pills sux. I'm just sayin'.

So does water aerobics. I hate it but I'm going back tonight anyway. I'm mostly worried about the chlorine turning my hair green. (misses the saltwater pool in New Orleans...*waves to [ profile] elliotsmelliot*)

I'm having phobia issues because I'm deathly allergic to bees and I saw a story on Headline News about zombees. I know they're still a long way away from me now but they could spread. [ profile] zelda_zee, have you seen any? Megan says she's got 'em there, too. And your neck of the woods is one of my favorite places to visit. But not if there are zombees.

I have tickets to the Avett Bros. concert in Tuscaloosa on Oct. 11th. I just ordered a t-shirt. I'm gonna make an Avett friend on my flist if it kills me. Warning: I'm about to sing.

things change and get strange, with the movement of time.
its happening right now to you.

So. Tell me something random. Or sing to me. Singing's, like, my favorite thing.
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